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The names of Disney princesses in pictures allow Disney fans the opportunity to view a distinguished list that is a reference that brings to mind the memories of beautiful childhood. It carries a strong story that has been built on a solid foundation that can withstand for years and decades, so today we will go through the Disney Princesses website with pictures, with the most prominent information about their stories.

Disney Princess

Is there a child around the world who has not yet heard of Disney princesses?! of course not; It is the most famous cartoon collection around the world, every little girl imagines herself living the life of one of the distinguished Disney princesses, so the names of the Disney princesses in pictures should be printed on one of the collectibles of any girl of flower age, but the impact was not only on viewers What the Walt Disney Company achieved from its films; The company made huge profits by paying attention to princesses movies and putting them on screens, to double profits to 4 billion in 2009. Here are the names of the princesses who made a global cultural revolution in the field of animated films:[1]

Princesses Official Disney princesses Unofficial princesses Introducing them The current princesses are the most famous and profitable through their films, and their number has become by 2021 about 13 princesses that were launched through the Walt Disney Company, but they are classified in the category of unofficial princesses for various reasons

their names

  • Censorship
  • Cinderella
  • Aurora
  • Ariel
  • Bill
  • Jasmine
  • Pocahontas
  • مولان
  • Tiana
  • Rapunzel
  • Merida
  • moana
  • disguise b
  • Esmeralda
  • Jane Porter
  • Elsa
  • Anna
  • Giselle
  • Megara
  • Sophia
  • Elena
  • kida

Disney princesses names with pictures

To watch a Disney movie means that he is on a date with a fantasy journey in which he will move to another world full of bright colors and pink dreams that affect human childhood and innocence, regardless of his age, and therefore these characters remain immortal in the mind and unforgettable, Disney princesses are a story told to every girl before bed, and a dream They have them in their youth, so now we will show the names of the Disney princesses with their pictures, with the addition of a brief about the story of each princess:

Princess Snow White

Snow White or Snow White was the first film of its kind in the history of world cinema. It is the production of December 1937, and it is worth noting that the story is inspired by the German folk stories of the Brothers Grimm, but it was modified to suit children and abandon the dark feature, and Princess Snow White is characterized by her unique beauty that made her father’s wife, the king jealous of her and trying to kill her after she caused the death of the king and turned His daughter to the palace maid, so she bribed one of the palace hunters to take her into the forest and then get rid of her, but he refused to do this and allowed her to escape, and ended up in a house for the seven dwarves who welcome her after a while and gather them in a strong friendship, but after the evil witch learned that she is not If she is still alive, she will plot games to kill her, and her life will depend on the kiss of Prince Charming for years.[2]

Princess Cinderella

Although it is considered the second Walt Disney film; Where it was shown in 1950, but it is the most famous of all, Cinderella is almost becoming a reality from the extent of her worldwide fame. The film is 75 minutes long, and revolves around the need for a person to remain kind-hearted despite the difficulties he faces. Her father and her two daughters treated her, and after the death of Cinderella’s father, her father’s wife turned her into a maid for them, and she was harsh with her, until fate rewarded Cinderella for the kindness of her heart so that the handsome prince fell in love with her and saved her from the life of humiliation in which she lived.[3]

Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora or Princess Twilight is the owner of the movie Sleeping Beauty, and she is the most serene Disney princess; She only uttered a few short sentences, and the film was produced in 1959 and is the third Disney princesses movie, but it did not achieve much success, and this frustrated Walt Disney for many years, until her joy returned with another movie in 1989, which is the mermaid. Princess Aurora is the son of a king named “Stefan”, but at the princess’s christening, the king and queen avoided the invitation of the fearsome fairy “Malephasant”, which made her hate the royal family and cast a spell that the princess would die when she was sixteen years old, until another good fairy changed the spell to make her sleep in Long slumber until you wake up with a true love kiss.[4]

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Princess Ariel

Ariel is the mermaid, the heroine of the movie “The Little Mermaid.” The story of the film revolves around a mermaid who loves freedom and confronts traditions and customs by falling in love with a prince after his ship sank despite the warnings of her father, King Sheiban, so Ariel resorts to the witch Ursula to help her have human legs to marry the prince. However, the cunning witch plots against her and her father, and events escalate.[5]

Princess Belle

The heroine of the 1991 movie “The Beauty and the Beast”, which was a huge success with revenues of more than 100 million dollars, and was nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Film, and who would have believed that the most beautiful and smartest girl fell in love with an ugly monster ?! And who would have believed that the monster that everyone fears could change for the sake of his beloved to try to redeem her and die for her? Is love able to change the most hardened hearts? This is what the movie suggested, which ended happily with the end of the evil magic that was hanging over the Prince’s enchanted palace, which was turned into a monster by a witch.[6]

Princess Jasmine

The princess of Arab beauty, the princess of the kingdom of “Agrabah”, who narrowed an arm of the stereotypical life imposed on them by palace protocols, and refused all political marriages that were offered to her, to find her sanctuary in a series of adventures she fought with her lover Aladdin, the owner of the magic lamp, the film was produced in 1992 , and rolled parts that rally around the crowd.[7]

Princess Pocahontas

1995 Disney produced the movie “Pocahontas” after the heroine, the righteous daughter of her tribe, and the brave woman who was able to stop the war between the American Indians and the English.[8]

مولان Mulan

To complement the idea of ​​strong women embodied by Walt Disney by showing female characters with strength of a different kind; Mulan came to us, whose 1998 movie was shown, and who was not a princess by lineage, but made her name for herself thanks to her courage, as she disguised as a man and joined the army instead of her sick father, and saved the life of the emperor, and the army commander falls in love with her and they marry.[9]

Princess Tiana

Once again, we find that despite black magic and conspiracies conspired by wretched people, true love and good feelings triumph over all consequences. The prince, the hero of the story, is an arrogant and reckless person, and this leads to a trap that turns him into a frog, but his way intersects with the ambitious and hardworking waitress Tiana who seeks to own her own restaurant, Because of a true love kiss, magic is defeated and Prince Tiana marries, becoming the first African-American woman to be crowned a Disney princess.[10]

Princess Rapunzel

In 2010, one of Disney’s most famous and successful films, “Tangled”, was released; The film achieved revenues of 592 million US dollars at the time of its release in cinemas around the world, and the story of the film is unique, and perhaps this is one of the reasons for the fame and success of the film. For a flower to regain its boyhood, but what when the queen eats this flower during her pregnancy, does the child have magical properties? What will the witch’s reaction be to this? Rapunzel is one of the most innocent and childish Disney princesses.[11]

Princess Merida

A warrior princess, the 100-man female who freed her sisters and mother and protected her family and tribe from danger, the movie “Brave” relives the idea that a princess can be something more than beautiful all the time.. A princess with an authentic Scottish camel and a fiery spirit who seeks to change all the worn-out customs of her people. to another more flexible.[12]

Princess Moana

In 2016, we came across the animated movie “Moana”, which is based on the struggle between good and evil, and how can greed affect everyone’s destinies? Is tolerance and understanding the other can turn evil into good and beauty? This is what the heroine of the movie Princess Moana will learn on her journey to save her people by obtaining the heart of Tiviti, the enchanted gem that will set things right.[13]

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Princess Raya

She is the last princess to join the family of Disney princesses in 2021, with the release of the movie “Raya With The Dragon”, an Asian princess who sets out on a journey in search of the last dragon that can stand up to the dark force that will destroy the entire world, but the movie has more profound human dimensions that appear in Different situations in the movie.[14]

Queen Elsa and her sister Princess Anna

Now that we’ve shown the names of Disney princesses in pictures in relation to the official princesses; We will now discuss the names of the Disney princesses with pictures, but for the unofficial characters in the family of Disney princesses, and we start with Queen Elsa and her sister Princess Anna. In 2013, the Snow Queen Elsa appeared for the first time through the movie “Frozen” and the movie achieved revenues of more than one billion dollars, and two parts were released, both of which were successful Overwhelmingly, she embodied the role of Queen Elsa, who possesses ice magical abilities that she has hidden from the people since her childhood, but her sister Anna loves her for who she is and tries to help her, but will her people accept her? And most importantly, do you accept the same?[15]

Tinker Bell disguise

To complement the presentation of the names of Disney princesses with pictures of unofficial characters, we turn to the adventurous, stubborn Good Fairy Tinker Bell, one of the main characters in the movie “Peter Pan” released in 1953. its own.[16]

Princess Esmeralda

In 1996, the movie “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame” appeared, which was inspired by the story of the writer Victor Hugo, and the main female character in it was Esmeralda, the brave girl who helps the hunchback hero of the story and rid him of the hands of the people that almost slashed him after he first came out to the world Leaving the long life of solitude in which he lived, Esmeralda was excluded from among the official princesses because her story is somewhat larger than children realize, and has some problems that are closer to reality than fiction.[17]

Princess Jane Porter

If you love a primitive man who leads a group of monkeys, but he is brave and has a heart of gold, will you marry him? This is what went through Princess Jane’s mind when she met Tarzan and fell in love with him, and (yes) was her answer, so the princess lived with her lover happily and happily in the heart of the forest.. The film was produced in 1999, and it is among the films that are very popular worldwide.[18]

Queen Kida

She is the oldest queen in the Disney world, at the age of twenty-eight, and she is the queen of the mysterious kingdom of Atlantis, but the film did not reap the expected revenues from its release, and therefore Kida was excluded from being among the official princesses.

Princess Sofia

Sophia transformed from a completely ordinary girl into a princess after her mother married “Roland II”, the king of a fictional kingdom.

Princess Elena

It is a cartoon series about Elena, who finds herself responsible for ruling her parents’ kingdom after their death at the hands of a witch, and events escalate until Elena becomes a queen in every sense of the word with the help of her companions.

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Princess Megara

The lover of Hercules, the legendary hero who defeated monsters across the earth, and Megara, a powerful love story that made him regain his strength again after the evil King Hades manipulated him and caused him to lose his powers.

Princess Giselle

One of the most beautiful Disney princesses, her beauty may even rival Cinderella herself, the heroine of the animated movie “Enchanted”, but it was canceled from the names of Disney princesses with her pictures that sparked controversy to compare the character to a celebrity, which means paying a lot for the likeness.

Hollywood movies that embodied Disney princesses

After we have shown the names of the Disney princesses in pictures, we will now mention the films that were adapted from the stories of the Disney princesses films, which are produced by the same company, as follows:[19]

  • Snow White and the Huntsman: The movie starred Kristen Stewart with a bunch of talented actors.
  • Maleficent: The movie starring Angelina Jolie as the misunderstood fairy, and Princess Aurora by Elle Fanning.
  • Cinderella 2015: This movie is widely known for its dancing scene between Cinderella and the prince, which some still talk about until now. Cate Blanchett excelled in portraying the role of the noble prince, and Richard Madden succeeded in showing the spirit of Cinderella on the screen.
  • Ever After A Cinderella Story 1998: The events of the movie there deviate slightly from the original Cinderella story, but add to it more charm and beauty.
  • The Beauty and The Beast 2017: The movie’s revenues exceeded one billion dollars on the box office around the world, and the film starring Emma Watson, with a group of stars.
  • The movie Aladdin 2019: The role of Princess Jasmine was embodied by the young actress Naomi Scott, and the film ranked No. 34 for the most profitable films in the history of cinema.
  • Mulan 2020 is a female-starring war movie, starring Liu Yifei.
  • Once Upon A Time is an interesting family fantasy series that revolves around the idea of ​​whether Disney characters are real in our real world but are veiled by magic.

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Thus, we have shown you the names of Disney princesses in pictures, and we have taken a brief overview of the official and unofficial Disney princesses, and explained the film in which each princess appeared, the main events of those films and how much fame they achieved, as we also mentioned the most famous Hollywood films that embodied Disney princesses .

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